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y do u have 2 home btns.. luv ur blog btw!!
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oh my gosh, thank you, thank you <3

i fixed it! 

and again…thank you :3

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Rose, before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic.

Absolutely fantastic.

And do you know what?

So was I.

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This song is ending. But the story never ends.

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Artist: Jake Parker

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It’s mainly about working hard and proving to people you’re serious about it, and stretching yourself and learning. The mistake a lot of actors make, particularly young ones, is allowing themselves to feel that they’re the finished articles, the bee’s knees, and it’s not true.

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Tales heard throughout Westeros. Told by sailors, soldiers and merchants, dragons in Asshai, dragons in Qarth, dragons in Meereen, Dothraki dragons, dragons freeing slaves … each telling differs from the last, but only in details. All speak of dragons, and a beautiful young queen. A dragon queen. A true Targaryen.

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I think when you find yourself talking to yourself in the mirror, playing lots of different characters, out of your dressing-up box you’re either gonna be schizophrenic or an actor.

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I had an enormous cockroach I named Bob who lived with me in New York and I’m really afraid I’ve packed him. I’m petrified I’m going to open up a crate and there’s going to be Bob’s babies everywhere.”

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their vanity was exceeded only by their ambition

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Want to know how we’re going to break in?
-Is that what we’re doing?
Of course it’s what we’re doing.

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